Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm not really sure what all to write, I'll post pictures of the wedding when we get the disc from the photographer.
The wedding was really nice, I'll admit I don't remember alot of it even though I wasn't that nervous...at that point I was pretty much just tired. I think my nerves had reached the shot point the night before at the rehearsal.
The chapel and multi purpose room turned out so pretty, thanks so much to everyone that helped.
Everything was going so good, all of us girls were putting on our makeup in no hurry...then when I put my dress on, the hook popped and we had to improvise with a safety pin. Oh well, every wedding has to start a few minutes late.
The reception turned out awesome, the food was so good...thank you to everyone who brought food!!!
For our honeymoon we went to the disney caribbean resort for 2 nights and had a great time, we went to Shula's steakhouse at the dolphin resort and had the best food ever...I had my "just married" pin on my wristlet which was sitting on the table and the waiter saw it so they gave us free cake! it was so good and chocolatey lol. we got back home on monday night and then we both worked all week and hardly saw each other :(...this week has been better though, we went to disney again on sunday for my birthday and then we'll get to spend tomorrow and thanksgiving together.
well, this is long sorry....
I'll post pics when i get them!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


So there are only 9 days left till I become Mrs. Sartwell...So exciting! :)
We got Charli on monday and she is the cutest thing...Elsie is scared to death of her and Spanky hates her, but she's so sweet. She's really smart, she knew her name after about the first day and she's learning to go potty outside. She likes to play in her water dish but then when her feet are wet she slips and falls.
Corgis are herding dogs and it's really cute when she tries to herd people or elsie around...we just have to teach her not to bite at people's ankles. Sorry if this is a boring post, it's just too early for me :).
yey! bachelorette party on sunday, yey!