Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm getting braces today and that will start the process to my surgery...8 to 12 months until surgery. I can't wait to get this all over with. I've only been out of my splint for a week now and am already taking 4 ibuprofen almost everyday again. I found a support group online for people who are going through this process as well and i've read that some people go from being completely withdrawn and quiet to very outgoing. until I have the surgery I know I will be even more withdrawn and tired (from pain) than I am now, but I'm sooo excited for it to be over. I plan on getting a cute haircut after instead of hiding behind my tons of hair. I think i'll get my makeup done too...I won't be so ashamed to have someone look at my face. I am still so angry about all of the pain I'm in because I KNOW it wouldn't be so bad if orthodontist John Smith hadn't slowly and painfully dislocated my jaw. I want to put up a website about him letting people know what he did so that he loses patients. Am I a bad person for wanting that? I apologized to Dr. Gittess for being so panicky when I go there, I don't mean to freak out I know he feels bad for me. alright, gotta get ready to go...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the townhouse we are in the process of buying is in an awesome area around million dollar houses and about a minute from my work. we were originally going to pay 106 for the house but we ended up at 99,900...the townhouses in the neighborhood that are not foreclosures are going for around the 130's and 140's. a couple years ago they were in the 200's. i don't have good pictures because my camera died but here are a couple
the shower pan has to be replaced because it's leaking into the kitchen and upstairs closet...

living room to back porch

this is the shower that has to be torn out and replaced

and just for fun here's a pic of Chris with a bird on his head

Monday, December 1, 2008

at what point does life slow down?

My head hurts.

i'm so tired. always. my doctor has given me vitamins, a B12 shot, and diagnosed me with hypothyroidism....why am i still so freakin tired? I want to go out and do things but I'm too tired.

Why do some people love drama? would I like it if I had energy? All the little girls that i work with get so excited and they stay in situations that cause drama. WHYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Some people are so immature.

we're in the process of buying a townhouse in winter garden. it's in a very nice area, about 30 seconds from my's a forclosed property so it needs a little work, my dad is looking at it tomorrow so we'll see just how much work it needs.
soooo tired...

MY SURGERY WAS APPROVED!!!!!!!! I get braces next week!

(I updated my blog jen! :-P )