Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yey! Punkin!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tonight Christopher had an off duty detail from 10pm to 3am, so we got subway and ate off the trunk of his car. It was nice...

I got a pair of shoes for work in the mail, I need another size, have to return them but I'm not going to until I get the other size in case I have to return those too.

My nails have 4 different colors on them because I have to get my dress altered again tomorrow and I wanna see what color will look the purtiest with the dress.

My mom and I get to see Charli tomorrow, so exciting. :)

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Saturday, October 13, 2007


It's been a year since I got the call telling me that Hannah had died. A year since I had to call other people and let them know what had happened. It's all a blur, but at the same time so completely vivid. It seems so long ago, yet it feels like yesterday. I'm not lying when I say I think of her every single day...I have so many things that remind me of her, so much history with her that even if I wanted to, I couldn't go a day without thinking of her and missing her. She was the constant friend through my teen years, other friends came and went but she was always there. Hers was the deepest friendship that I'd ever had. We prayed, studied, had fights, shopped, drank coffee, made jewelry, and watched gilmore girls together. we disagreed on a few things but we still accepted each other. I miss her so much. I wish Christopher could have known her, I wish she could be at my wedding..I wish I could have watched her get married. Hannah, you were so loved by so many people...

Think for a second...

I just need to rant a little bit...

Sometimes people just don't think of what the consequences could be.

This big new story with the Eric Montanez kid feeding the homeless is ridiculous...Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with soup kitchens or even handing out a few McDonalds gift cards to the homeless, I think that's awesome...But what these people are doing is downright stupid. They're encouraging people of whom a large percentage have committed a crime (and yes I know there are some stand up people who just haven't had any luck), to gather in a setting that families with small children often visit. It's just a matter of time before fights break out, cops have to get involved, and somebody is shot or stabbed. Being the fiancee of a police officer, I don't think creating situations that could escalate in a cop being hurt in the line of duty because some kid wasn't thinking about the consequences of his actions, is right. People stand up for the homeless while sneering at the law and law enforcement officers who are treated with disrespect day in and day out and this just baffles me. People need to get their priorities in order.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

32 days

and here's another picture of Charli!