Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where you lead, I will follow...

I have a really cute shadow...
Charli follows me everywhere I go. If I have to go to the bathroom, she sits in front of the door sometimes scratching at it and crying, if i sit on the couch she falls asleep at my feet. When I take a shower she takes a nap behind the toilet (don't worry I keep it pretty clean). When I do laundry she steals the dryer sheets. When I cook she watches (not begging for food, just watching). As I type she's laying on my foot.

This week Christopher is in school and has had regular hours...going to bed at night is weird. Yesterday and today I actually cooked. Yesterday we had beef burritos with freshly made salsa (yay for magic bullet!), and blackberry cobbler. Today I just made homemade/baked mac and cheese...very yummy. Since I'm STILL waiting on the petsmart job I've been able to relax...slightly. I just feel so bad not working for like the past 2 weeks. It seems even when i get the time to relax I just can't because I feel so bad about the fact that Christopher works so hard and i'm just doing stuff around the apartment. I can't put artwork or jewelry on etsy because I feel like I shouldn't be spending money on supplies (paints and beads and stuff), since I'm not making any money. Plus I can't upload pictures to my computer. A camera is one of the first things i'm going to buy with my...second paycheck. yey.
Here's one of our engagment pictures just for the heck of it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pay per post

I want to do this but I don't know if I get enough profile views to do it...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It only took me a year..

I finally got a tattoo with Hannah's name and dates. Her name and dates is actually mine, bear just traced what I had but the rest he traced from photographs, I had just done a couple of sketches to give him an idea.
The bigger rose stands for our wedding day, it will be red...that was the only thing I really wanted and spent a little extra money on at our wedding; real roses and rose petals. The other rose will be white; the rose I have from her casket was white and the rose I took to her grave on the year anniversary was white. The butterfly for me is a simple memory of her, I know alot of people were drawn to butterflies after she died because of the transformation that butterflies go through. For me though, I just remember going to her little apartment in gainesville and the only color on that whole building was her butterfly balloon in the window. She'd kept it because it looked like lungs, I always thought it was really cool. If she'd seen me getting a tattoo, she would have laughed and made fun of me so much. I thought it hurt and I still have to go back and get color :(

I don't wanna!

I've needed to have surgery on my jaw since....welll....a long time. i've been reading alot about it including a couple people's blogs and....I thought....maybe I could do without it. One girl said it was way more painful than childbirth. crap. So I look up the long term effects of severe tmj and it's kinda even worse. Arthritis, not being able to chew, teeth cracking, the migraines will continue. bleh. now I just have to find a doctor, orthodontist, make sure it's all covered under insurance, this isn't going to be fun. but hey, i'll look prettier and be in less pain once it's all over. 6 weeks of not eating is gona suck.

Friday, January 18, 2008


My mommy called and asked if I wanted to go see the movie 27 dresses....I said Yey! i'm bored and like to see movies and Christopher doesn't! well, that wasn't what I really said but...it was a really cute movie. Thanks Mommy!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A few pictures of our apartment

This is the purty table that my parents got us for Christmas...

Our Tv stand with my photographs from the grand canyon :)

The clock Jen got us for the wedding shower...it's an hour ahead :P
Christopher thinks i could sell this painting..

My art corner..

And last but not least, Charli and her kitty

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas, New Years, and life

I have to say I think this has been one of the best Christmas' ever. Christopher was off (I had to work Christmas Eve until 6:30 though, bleh), and we were together all day (and night) for 2 days. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at his parents house, and I realized why his Christmas budget was so high. They really go all out for Christmas. In the short time that Christopher and I have been together, his whole family has made me feel so welcome and such a part of the family. I really do realize how blessed I am to have awesome in-laws. They have been so good to me and I truly feel like part of the family. not to mention I have the best sister-in-law ever. :) New Year's Christopher had to work so I spent it with my family...you can read about that on my mom's blog.

Next, I haven't told alot of people this so I'll just get it out of the way. I quit school. I could not work and go to school anymore, I have worn myself out doing that. I don't want to go into any more debt for school since by the time I finish we will probably be starting a family. I refuse to send my children to a daycare, I want to raise my children. I didn't say straight out that I wanted to quit school, but Christopher saw how unhappy I was. It took him awhile but finally he told me that he would rather I was happy than we had the option of being pretty well off. I wasn't happy in school and I wouldn't have been happy at the job.

Since I quit school I realized it was my opportunity to get out of the hell that is retail. My last day at franklin covey was last monday, and I'm about to start a job with Petsmart as a dog bather. From what Jesse tells me, I'll have to do that for at least a couple months and then I plan on going to the school that they send you to to become a "petstylist." I know it's going to be a pretty dirty job but I'm really looking forward to it. I'll get to bring Charli along with me to work sometimes which will be fun, and according to Jesse you can make pretty good money once you become a groomer. I think it will be the perfect job for me; animals, working with my hands, animals, not having to dress up, animals, and animals. :D
And here's Charli in her "killer" hoodie :)