Thursday, May 29, 2008

6 new things

1) I'm going back to Rollins in the fall (I didn't even have to re-audition, the teachers remembered me and want me to come back).
2) My boss is driving me crazy and keeps putting off sending me to school...I know it's because I'm the best bather she has, but we can't afford for me to keep doing this.
3) I'm taking happy pills, can you tell?
4) The splint is starting to work...the first day that I didn't have pain for a while was...weird. I thought my face was numb or something so I kept poking it.
5) I miss Jesse.
6) We adopted another dog. Yes, we are crazy. He's a great dane mix and he's really cute. Poor Charli (she pretty much doesn't like dogs, just people).