Sunday, December 23, 2007

One of my Christmas presents!

Pretty nails!

and a closeup...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Saturday, December 1, 2007

I'm Happy

The other day I told Christopher that I was took me like five minutes to convince myself that I could say those two words together. He looked at me like "yea, so?" This is the first time in my life that I am totally happy. It's not that life is perfect or anything, but for the first time I can say that I am truly happy.

This time last year

The other day my manager was sharing some of his problems with me, which, for some reason made me think of this time last year.
It was my first semester at Rollins, my sister had just gotten married three months earlier, and my parents were off truck driving. I was too skinny from stress, stomach problems, and not having the time to eat healthy. I worked at the church's daycare making very little money, and I was sick constantly. Hannah had just passed away a month and a half before; I was depressed. I was alone without my best friend, my sister, or my parents. I took care of the bills, animals, loads of schoolwork. I had very little time for practicing. My GPA dropped way down from the 3.8 I was used to maintaining. I did some things I regret. But at this time last year I met my husband. We talked online for a week or two, it would have been a week ago last year that we actually met. The oviedo mall was our first date, we met at the bench in front of the movie theater. I was sitting there waiting for him, when I saw a really cute guy coming towards me. I thought it might be him but I wasn't sure. When I realized it was him, he was too good to be true and I thought he would never like me. Coffee turned into dinner which turned into hanging out in the parking lot. About a week and a half later, hanging out turned into a relationship. 6 months later, an engagement. 11 months; a marriage.
Looking back, I can't believe how much has changed. I'm not alone anymore. I have the most wonderful husband anyone could ask for. In less than a year, my life has completely turned around. I'm so thankful.
I love you Christopher!